About Class Visa

Our live instructors prepare your final year students, from introductory to college-level.

Joining an afterschool coding club can help students easily get admitted into remote job training programs in USA.

During their gap year, pre-college students graduate from a coding bootcamp and increase their chances to get remote internships or pursue a CS Degree.


Step 1: Sign up to schedule a live info session and ask admission related questions from alumni who got employed after graduating from a bootcamp.

Step 2: Enroll your final year students into our online coding bootcamp club.

Step 3: As bootcamp graduates, they increase their chances of working remotely at a US company.


Coding Bootcamps are schools that teach you how to code, so you don't have to go to college, take out loans and spend years getting a degree.

There are over 500,000 jobs in USA that need people who know how to code. Classvisa prepares you for remote tech jobs within 18 months.

FOR CODING BOOTCAMPS. Find out how we can help you meet your goals.

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