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ClassVisa is a fitness membership that grants clients access to hundreds of sessions at gyms, spas and recreational centres in major highbrow cities.  

Price of membership depends on plan, type and city, and you can explore and book sessions, from yoga to swimming to martial arts to massage – the options are endless.

Members also access discounted prices of healthy meals, drinks and supplement at partner stores

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Reflexology therapy

BMS offers a diverse range of treatments specially selected from around the world to meet even the seemingly difficult. From de-stressing, to relaxing, pampering, healing, restoring, nurturing, cleansing, purifying to pure indulgence. Located at 4, Magbon Close, Ikoyi, Lagos

Reflexology is an ancient healing therapy by pressure points in the feet are stimulated increasing the flow of energy through the body to improve the circulation and eliminate toxins, reduce tension all over the body and awaken the senses