Frequently Asked Questions

We are so excited to have you join our community. Here are some articles to help answer your questions and get you started.


We offer full schedules for the majority of our studios, but some studios reserve certain classes for their own members.

We are always working to ensure we have plenty of class options available on ClassVisa, so you can get a good sweat going, no matter what! If you're interested in seeing the classes available at a particular studio, send us a message by clicking here and we will be happy to share it with you.

You can reserve classes on On the website, click the Classes tab. Pick the class you want to try and select ACTIVITIES and click BOOK to confirm your reservation.

On the website app, tap the activities you are interested in taking and select BOOK You will be asked to confirm your reservation on a second screen.

The studio will receive a record of your reservation. You will also receive a reminder email before class starts that will include all the information you may need about what to bring, when to arrive, and where to find the studio.

All of our partner studios require you to make a reservation through ClassVisa in advance. Walk ins are not allowed. For on-the-go convenience, we are working on our app, so you can use our mobile app to make a reservation up to 25 minutes before class starts at our studios!

The number of classes you can take per cycle depends on the type of membership that you purchase. Across most cities we offer Base membership (5 classes per cycle), Core membership (10 classes per cycle) and Hold Membership (1 class per cycle).

The day that you purchase your membership becomes your cycle date, the day that your cycle will begin and the day that it will renew each month, unless you cancel your membership. Classes count toward the cycle that they are actually taken in, rather than the cycle during which you make the reservation. If your cycle date is the 15th of the month and you reserve a class for the 16th, that class will count toward your next cycle regardless of when you make the reservation.

Quick Example: If you purchased a Base membership on December 9th, you would have from December 9 through the end of the day on January 8 to use these 5 classes. Any classes that you take on or after January 9 will count toward your next cycle.

How many classes do I have left? - You can view the number of classes you have left in your Profile tab in your account online.

We are not able to roll classes over from month to month or extend cycles. If it is nearing the end of your cycle, try to fit in some time to use these classes before your next cycle begins so that you don't lose them.

The Initial payment is N3,500.00 for a trial pack of 5 sessions. This is paid in month one of your membership. After this, the usual fee of N5,500.00 for 5 sessions is paid for the remaining subsequent months.

When you renew your membership, the payment structure is exactly the same except otherwise stated.

Depending on the particular location, utilities may be included in the total payment. We will explicitly state if this is the case.

ClassVisa membership operates on a monthly cycle that begins the day you sign up and automatically renews on the same day each month. The day you sign up and purchase ClassVisa is the date that your cycle will start each month (it does not begin on the date of your first class).

Instructors/GYM Owner

Being a Class Visa member means you are part of a vibrant community of professionals redefining the fitness experience in Nigeria.

Your membership covers train at our partner locations, as well as other services are available.

You become a member once you are approved to train at a location. Prospective members indicate interest at our locations and undergo a simple vetting process.

Currently, we only open to business owners and instructors in full time employment.

We accept employers and family members as guarantors.